Today I really want to share the tips and tops of Amsterdam with you. Things that you might not know and are amazing to plan during your trip here.


In Amsterdam there is Prideweek. A week full of support towards the LBTQ+ community. Everywhere in the city you see coloured flags and on Saturday there is a huge party all day, which is called Pridenight. I was in the city during Pridenight and you might have seen a small piece of video that I recorded that day on my Instagram. It’s amazing! There are also stages on the Dam with performers over there, so if you’re in Amsterdam during this time of year you definitely have to go check it out!

Albert Cuyp

The Albert Cuyp is a Dutch market in the southern part of the city center. You can taste all kinds of typical Dutch foods here, such like Stroopwafel. Which is amazing. It’s not a typical food market, but there are a lot of foods that you can get here. There are also clothes and some lovely jewellery.


Amsterdam Dance Event & Amsterdam Music Festival. Amsterdam Dance Event takes place from October 19th until October 23th. Yes, it takes 5 days! They’re closing this event with the Amsterdam Music Festival on October 22th, which is awesome! Just look up some videos of AMF. I’m also going to AMF this year, so I shall take you with me on my social media.


Aloha is a tropical entertainment hall completely in Hawaii theme. You can go bowling, laser gaming, glow-in-the-dark miniature golf and Karaoke. They also have a Hawaiian themed restaurant. So take your Hawaiian shirts with you!

Amsterdamse bos

Are you in Amsterdam in the months of March and/or April? Definitely go check out the Amsterdamse Bos. In the Blossomparc there are a lot of beautiful blossom trees, but they only bloom for 2-3 weeks. An amazing location for your Instagram picture 🙂

Foodhallen Kinkerstraat

Like I said before, the Albert Cuyp market is not really an official food market. But the Foodhallen in the Kinkerstraat is. You can find so much amazing foods here. So much to taste! So it’s a good thing that you’ll walk so much in Amsterdam, hehe.

Light Festival

The beautiful Light Festival will light up the city in December and January. There are so many light creations all over the city, it’s so beautiful! I think the best spot to watch this is on the Amstel across from the Heritage. It’s beautiful! You also have Light Festival Walking Tours. It’s really beautiful so you must go check it out. This picture is just a small piece of the whole Light Festival. There is so much more to see! But I liked this picture, because you can really see the Amsterdam houses, the lights in the reflection of the water and also because it’s a rainbow and Prideweek just finished 🙂

What is the thing that you’re most excited about? Or maybe you’ve been to Amsterdam and think that I forget something very important? Tell me!

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