Our next trip is already planned and it goes to a place where I really like spending my time: London!

When are we leaving?

We’re leaving on September 16th to go to London for a weekend and we’ll be back on Sunday. We haven’t booked our flights yet, but we’re always looking for a flight leaving to the destination early in the morning and our returnflight is almost always in the evening. That’s how we always get the most out of our trip!

Where are we staying?

We’re staying in a gorgeous luxury 5-star hotel called One Aldwych. It’s located near Covent Garden and Soho, so it’s an amazing location!

We have so much amazing things planned, but I don’t want to spill it just yet. Ofcourse I will show everything on my Instagram, so make sure to follow me there. Otherwise you just have to wait for my blogpost after I get back, which will also be online in one week after I land in Amsterdam again, of course!

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