Goodday everybody and welcome to my first blogpost. Most of you don’t know me so I’ll start with a small introduction before I really get into this subject.

My name is Sylvahna, I’m 33 years old and currently I live in The Netherlands. I’m a freelance recruiter and busy with creating the very best life for myself. That means enjoy life to the fullest, becoming healthy inside and outside, building my own business and travel to see the places I’ve always wanted to see.

Today I want to talk to you about the healthy part. Before I get into what I’m doing right now, you first need to know some history.

I’m an emotional eater, which means that, whenever I’m experiencing stress, I want to eat things that aren’t good for you. Like burgers, a lot of chocolate (I’m a big Reese’s fan) and wine. Oh, yes. I’m a very big fan of wine and cheese.

The last ten years have been very stressfull and emotionally hard for me, so you can guess where I’m heading with this one. I’ve gained a LOT of weight. In december 2021 I was heavier than I’ve ever been before. I was 90 kilograms/198.4 lbs. It was time for a change.

In January I started with a crashdiet and lost a lot of weight in a unhealthy way. I skipped breakfast and at noon I just ate a bowl of low-fat yoghurt. The rest of the day I didn’t eat anything until dinner. At dinner I just ate a lot of vegetables with a piece of fish or meat. That’s it. That’s all I ate the whole month. I’ve lost 12 kg/26.5 lbs.

Ofcourse I was starting to eat normal again and since a few weeks I started to become healthier. So not just losing some weight, but become healthy on the inside and on the outside. I’ve gained 5 kg/11 lbs again, but I’m feeling so much better!

The things that I’m doing right now:

  • Starting the day with taking vitamins with water, two cups of black coffee and a bowl of low-fat quark with banana, strawberries, blackberries and some oatmeal.
  • At noon I eat lunch, which is different everyday. Sometimes I eat a bagel with smoked salmon, a sandwich with some cheese or just a green smoothie.
  • My dinner contains a lot of vegetables and fish or meat.
  • Snacks are the dangerous ones. The snipers of food. I told myself I can have one Reese’s a day, but only one! If I want to eat something else besides that I have some fruit or a proteinshake.
  • I workout three times a week in the gym.
  • Whenever I go somewhere I walk whenever I can in stead of taking the car or the public transport. I also take the stairs every time and never take the elevator anymore. I make sure that I get those 10.000 steps a day.

I checked my weight on the 16th of July and it was 83 kg/183 lbs. I also checked my fatpercentage and the kilograms of fat that I have in my body. I only don’t know anymore what it was exactly, because I left my results at the gym. I forgot to take a picture of it!

I will let you guys know the next time that I’ll check my weight.

Are you busy with your weightloss journey as well or are you happy with your health right now as it is?

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