So I was thinking that it was time for an update again on my weightloss journey. So here it is!

I think you guys all know, if you follow me in any sort of way, that I’ve had an allergic reaction. For one week I was on heavy medication. One of them was Prednison. I don’t know if you guys know that stuff, but it makes you gain weight. Ofcourse! But it’s okay. I’ve always had my setbacks when I’m trying to build something and I got back up every single time, so I’m not worried.

The past week hasn’t been the best week for me, because besides the medication that I was on, I also had to skip my workouts in the gym. Which I didn’t like AT ALL. But hey, it is what it is. So the moment I was done with the medication, I was getting back in the game. And guess what? I’m back in the game!

FitBit update

You totally can see the difference if I compare this week with last week:

Two weeks agoLast week (today is not yet included)
Distance48,48 km / 29 miles27,69 km / 17 miles
Calories burned19.57414.037

Huge difference!

Back in the game!

Thankfully I’m back in the game. Monday I walked to the gym which is about a 50 minutes walk and about 6 kilometers / 3 miles in total. I did my workout like a badass who hasn’t been in the gym for a whole week, hahaha.

The moment this article shows up online, I’m already at the gym again. At the time that I’m writing this, I’m still deciding if I should walk, because my workout starts at 7:00 AM, which means that I have to leave my house by 6:00 AM. A little early to be out on the streets, but I think I’m just going to do it. Aaaand I just realised that I can’t, because I have a meeting at my clients office at 10:00 AM. Which means that I have less than 30 minutes to take a shower and get dressed. No, let’s just take the car on Wednesday then, haha.

Then maybe I will try to take a walk in the afternoon.


Last week was terrible, but this week I’m going to kill it again! I’m trying to take a walk to the city centre every day and next to that I’ll do my workout again three times this week. Ofcourse I also try not to eat that much sugar and a lot of fruits and vegetables. But that can be challenging at times, haha.

How is it going with your weightloss journey? What are your challenges?

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