I believe that not everybody is following me on Instagram, but I do show a lot of things on there. So I thought it would be fun to share this with you so you have like a week overview. Ofcourse if you really want to know the things that I’m doing at the moment supreme, you can best just go ahead and follow me 🙂

Monday August 1st

Well, first I have to say that I wanted to share the pictures and boomerangs that I made on Instagram instead of typing the story, but because of some reason the pictures. don’t work on the blog? You can’t see them, so I do have to type the story and for the pictures you just HAVE to go to my Instagram, hehe sorry!

Anyways, on Monday I had my first day as a freelancer, so it was a very exciting day for me! 🙂 I was at the office the whole day, such a nice office by the way! I also received some packages, because my sister’s birthday was coming up the next day! In the evening I went to the gym to workout.

Tuesday August 2nd

Yes, her birthday is here! My sister turned 30 today and I ordered some awesome balloons to decorate the living room in the morning when she was still sound asleep. That day I was going to work from home, so that gave me a lot of extra time. My mother was coming around 4PM and we had some cake (which was soooo delicious OMG) and at 7PM we had reservations at The Seafoodbar in Amsterdam, which is amazing and you should definitely visit that place! Beforehand, we first went to the cocktailbar across the street, Bar Mokum, which is also amazing!

Wednesday August 3rd

I woke up and enjoyed a good and healthy breakfast at 5:30 AM. After that I drove to the gym, because unfortunately I had no time to walk there. When I came back from the gym I had to start my work, from home thankfully.

Thursday August 4th

Today I worked at the office again, so I actually didn’t do much besides working today, haha. At this company they do the Friday drinks on a Thursday, so we had some drinks together Thursday afternoon. In the evening I just had my dinner which my sister had cooked for me and we were brainstorming about traveling.

Friday August 5th

Working from home again, but I was so tired of this first week! In the afternoon I had to go outside for a moment to get some fresh air. My sister was going to the gym, so we decided to go walk together to the gym and while she was working out, I went to the Albert Cuyp market and after that we walked home again and I went back to work.

Saturday August 6th

Well, today was a VERY good day if we’re talking about burning calories (also eating them btw haha). In the morning I went to the gym by foot (and also back of course). In the afternoon my sister and I decided to go to the city center because of the Prideweek. We walked a LOT. My watch told me by the end of the night that I walked almost 20 kilometers. Anyway, we went out to dinner at a sushi restaurant at Rembrandt Square. That was so long ago since I had sushi for the last time and it was tasting amazingly. After that we went to the cinema to watch the Elvis movie. Finally! Wanted to see that one for so long! I got home around 1:30 AM.

Sunday August 7th

Today has been all about writing blogposts and brainstorming about many things. So not really a day full of movement, but that’s okay as well.

Alright, I get the feeling that this is very boring, hahaha. Let me know if it was boring to read, because then I’ll skip it.

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