Goodmorning everybody! I thought I’d brighten your week by sharing some of my happy moments the past few weeks. Because appreciating the small things in life can make you a happy lovebird 🙂

  • Two and a half weeks ago I received a message that I was hired for my first freelance job! I was so so happy with the news. It was a real milestone!
  • About three weeks ago I decided to start to improve my health and ever since I’ve been (trying to) eat healthy and workout three times a week with a personal trainer, who also gives me coaching with the whole foodprocess and I haven’t regretted it ever since!
  • I’ve put an IKEA dressoir together, literally in blood, sweat and tears, but I did it! Even though it’s a little crooked. Nobody cares, because it’s there! I could get rid of my old furniture and it creates so much peace in my livingroom/kitchen. I love it!
  • Two weeks ago I quit my current dayjob and I hated doing it, but I was so happy when I did it and walked out of that door. So much peace in my head and a lot of steps forward!
  • I started to get to know Masterclass, which is a website that contains so many courses about so many things. I am a person who loves to learn new things, so I love to just open a Masterclass and listen to how people talk about their passion and want to teach me some things about it.
  • I woke up this morning with a flat tummy and that hasn’t happened in a LONG time. So I was truly happy about that. I wanted to stay in bed and keep looking at my flat tummy and just imagining that I was like that the whole day. Well, that was definitely a happy moment!
  • I started a homeschool course about entrepeneuring. I don’t even know if that’s a word.. And yes, I love to fill up my schedule with work and new things I can learn for my current work and also my company that I want to start. Give me a full week of work, courses, creating my business and my workouts in the gym and I’m a happy woman. I don’t need to go out every week. I don’t need to see my friends every week. Just me and my future, which I’m fighting for like hell!
  • I’ve booked some trips that I’m really looking forward to! Check out my travelplans right here. There has been a change of plans though. It’s going to be San Diego instead of San Francisco. When I’m in San Diego I also booked a weekendtrip to Los Angeles with the Ritz-Carlton. That booking was a very happy moment!!
  • Oh, and of course also the facial I got which was really nice. Except for the eyebrows part, haha. But I’m writing this blogpost on Saturday and I can finally see it dissapearing. Finally! Let’s hope I can just get back to my normal life on Monday and I will be more than happy. Sunday will be my last day on Prednison. Thank God!

Which were your happy moments over the past few weeks?

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