If you’re following me on Instagram, you saw that I had an allergic reaction this week. On Sunday I had an amazing facial and she also dyed my eyebrows. So that was in the category of “Happy life”, just the reaction on the dye wasn’t as much fun.

I’m writing this on a Tuesday and today is the day that the bodyfluid of the allergic reaction is in my face descending towards my eyes. That is the place where the fluid can go out, so that is where it will collect. Good times! I really hope that, by the time this post will appear online, that it is all over and I can do my things again. Because of this I also can’t workout in the gym, so I’m missing a lot of training right now.

First things first: being stupid

I’m kind of laughing at myself right now, because I knew I was allergic to hair dye. I’ve experiences that allergic reaction in 2016. So I never dyed my hair again, but I didn’t think about that the moment that she was doing my eyebrows. So so stupid!

Let me show you what happened in 2016:

What’s happening this very moment

At this very moment (Tuesday) my eyebrows hurt. They feel like rocks and they’re so dry. I tried to put some cream on them to hydrate, but that doesn’t really work unfortunately.

Also the body fluid that I was telling you about is piling up above my eye, so it’s feeling like I have to close my eye constantly. Also the body fluid is coming out of my eye constantly. So I have to wipe it all the time.

Right now my eyebrows consist of a lot of small pimples and they’re bursting open one at the time, which is an awful feeling. But it’s also the beginning of the end, thank God!

I’m sorry that I had to share such a digusting story with you, but as I promised.. Ups and downs!

Do you have any allergies or did you have an allergic reaction?

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